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CD No: Animel MECH-30005
Release date: 13 Mar 1992
Price: Y3000
Total length: 48:03 (17 tracks)

This CD was released much earlier than the now-famous OVA series and has nothing to do with it. The seiyuu are different and Belldandy is played by Hidaka Noriko. IMHO, she fits better than Inoue Kikuko does in this case because Belldandy in early manga episodes was much more lively and human. Urd, played by Matsui Naoko, sounds like Katsumi Liqueur of Silent Mobius when she says magic spells ^_^;; (Skuld does not appear)
The CD contains songs, BGMs and drama. The story is about a race between Keiichi and Belldandy to decide which should represent club in a drag race.

NHT rating: 2 donburi

1. kakami o nukete (Yamaguchi Kappei) 4:03
[Coming out of a Mirror]
2. Drama Part 1 0:17
3. kyanpasu aidoru wa megami-sama 4:39
[Our Campus Idol Is a Goddess]
4. Drama Part 2 3:25
5. tsuppashiru jidoushabu 3:16
[The Dashing Automobile Club]
6. Drama Part 3 0:50
7. ma--kasenasa--i (Matsui Naoko) 3:53
[Leave It To Me]
8. Drama Part 4 2:18
9. rakkii sutaa wa doko ni? 4:27
[Where Is The Lucky Star?]
10. Drama Part 5 1:32
11. seirei-tachi yo! 4:08
12. Drama Part 6 0:40
13. megami-sama no iru machi 5:09
[A Town With Goddess]
14. Drama Part 7 0:20
15. itsumademo koko ni imasu (Hidaka Noriko) 4:00
[I Shall Be Here Forever]
16. Drama Part 8 1:00
17. Ah! My Goddess (Hidaka Noriko, Matsui Naoko, Yokoyama Chisa) 5:06

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