The Movie Soundtrack

CD No: Pony Canyon PCCG-00556
Release date: 1 Nov 2000
Price: Y3000
Total length: 66:39 (27 tracks)

Wonderful music for the wonderful movie. There are a lot of beautiful and powerful tunes, including those played by Warsaw Philharmonic Orchestra. Compared with the BGMs of the OVA series, which I also love, the music here is less comical although there are some light-hearted tunes, like Sora's song (the one she sings to karaoke in the movie). As in the movie itself, the moving chorus by the three goddesses in Latin (Track 24) is the climax of this CD.
BTW, many of the track titles are given in Latin and I gratefully acknowledge Ryan Miller in his help of translating some of them ^_^

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1. Luna Aeterna ~ nemuri o samasu mono 2:42
[Eternal Moon ~ One who Disturbs His Sleep]
2. Dea Cantat megami wa uta (Inoue Kikuko) 1:10
[Goddess Sings]
This is a scat version of the theme song.
3. haru kawarazu ni 2:27
[Spring, As Usual]
4. Magister ~ natsukashiki shi 3:48
[Master ~ My Dear Master]
5. kokoro no izumi 1:23
[The Fountain of Heart]
6. koi no Lesson 3 (Ootani Ikue) 4:17
[Lesson of Love 3]
LYC: Takami Masahiro MSC: Uematsu Nobuo ARG: Tada Akifumi
7. kitai shinai de... 1:34
[Don't Expect Much...]
8. kizuna motome te 3:08
[In Search of Link]
9. kitto futari nara 1:46
[Surely If We are Together]
10. kokoro, shinji te 0:58
[Trusting the Feeling]
11. Invidia ~ kokoro yure te 1:11
[Jealousy ~ In Hesitation]
12. tsuioku ~Nostalgia~ (Inoue Kikuko) 4:15
[Reminiscence ~Nostalgia~]
LYC: Takamin Masahiro MSC: Hamaguchi Shirou ARG: Hamaguchi Shirou
13. Crystallus Malus ~ kurai kagayaki 0:57
[Evil Crystal ~ Dark Sparkle]
14. Celestin ~ Seditionis Auctor 2:30
[Celestin ~ The Leader of Rebellion]
15. omoi, tojikome te 1:52
[Confining One's Feeling]
16. Ventus ~ abareru megami 2:34
[Wind ~ The Raging Goddess]
17. shiawase, nagatte 3:01
[Hoping for Happiness]
18. Morgan ~ Amor Tristis 3:41
[Morgan ~ Sad Love]
19. inochi no sasayaki 1:12
[Whisper of Life]
20. Propositum ~ kami ni aragau 3:18
[Purpose ~ Rebelling aginst Gods]
21. Thor ~ hakai no kami 2:08
[Thor ~ The God of Destruction]
22. gekimetsu gourai 2:09
[Annihilating Thunder]
23. futari no akashi 1:23
[Testimony between Us]
24. Coro Di Dea magami tachi no utagoe (Inoue Kikuko, Touma Yumi & Hisakawa Aya) 2:01
[Chorus of Goddesses]
LYC: Gouda Hiroaki (Tr: Yamashita Tarou) MSC: Hamaguchi Shirou ARG: Hamaguchi Shirou
25. shinsekai jokyoku 3:07
[Prelude of the New World]
26. Try to Wish (Nishihata Saori) 4:50
LYC: Yamada Hiroshi MSC: Umetsu Nobuo ARG: Inoue Nittoku
27. Cantilena Angeli tenshi no uta (chorus only) 3:03
[Song of the Angels]

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