Special Mission 3 "Mary Gene"

CD No: Nippon Columbia COCX-30234
Release date: 19 Dec 1998
Price: Y2800
Total length: 60:33 (8 tracks)

The third drama CD of AIKa. A young man and woman visit K2 Corporation during the absence of Gouzou. Although the task is a very dangerous one, the fact that the girl turns out to be Rion's old friend and their desperate plea persuades Aika in the end. But the job turns out to be more than dangerous... It's a sad story of love but lacks something compared with the previous ones.

NHT rating: 3 donburi

1. Prologue 1:36
2. manatsu no seiza (Mink) 1:29
[Midsummer Constellations]
3. ame - irainin 13:47
[Rain - The Clients]
4. umi - Salvage 2:54
[Sea - Salvage]
5. mizu - hedatareshi omoi 16:04
[Water - Separated Feelings]
6. nami - ushinawareta gijutsu 18:19
[Waves - The Lost Technology]
7. Epilogue 4:01
8. More Natural (Matsuura Yuki) 2:19

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by nonchan