Special Mission 2 "Sweet Emotion"

CD No: Nippon Columbia COCC-14630
Release date: 21 Nov 1997
Price: Y2718
Total length: 40:38 (8 tracks)

The second CD drama for AIKa is about the revenge to Aika by her former partner, Reiko. Gouzou once sent Aika to another agency to be trained where she worked under Masaya and Reiko. During a difficult operation Masaya was kill to save Aika. This tragic incedent changed the two women life drastically but in completely different ways... A very serious story with no jokes explains why Aika is so mentally strong and independet.

NHT rating: 3 donburi

1. Prologue 1:45
2. arashi 9:25
3. hyouteki 3:44
4. kaisou 6:32
5. fukushuu 5:07
6. shinjitsu 7:42
7. Epilogue 3:58
8. rusuban-denwa Message 2:22
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