Special Mission 1 "Little Trigger Girl"

CD No: Nippon Columbia COCC-14337
Release date: 19 Jul 1997
Price: Y2718
Total length: 49:09 (8 tracks)

The first CD drama of AIKa. One day Aika and Rion are commissioned, along with Gust and Bambara, to find a young girl whose mother was a leader of secret weapon developement project and assassinated recently. The girl had been cold-sleeping but abducted by a notorious salvager pair, AB Sisters. Aika and Rion try to get the girl back but AB Girls are not soft opponent...
Very lively dialogue is the charm of the drama while the storyline is of average quality for a CD drama. Some jokes are very funny but other are a bit predictable. As a whole it is an enjoyable CD.

NHT rating: 4 donburi

1. Prologue 1:39
2. Silent City -AIKa- (Sasaki Mari) 1:33
3. irai 7:02
4. AB Sisters 13:50
5. kiken'na umi 9:38
[Dangerous Sea]
6. Fantango 6:52
7. Epilogue 5:01
8. More Natural (Konishi Hiroko) 3:30

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by nonchan