Aozora-Sentai Shimoranger

CD No: BMG Victor BVDR-1080
Release date: 24 Jan 1996
Price: Y971
Total length: 14:42 (3 tracks)

This is the theme song for the parody sentai drama, Shimoranger. which appears in the original manga.
Track 2 is a mini comedy of Shimoranger. One Youko is noisy enough but you have five of them here. Arisa in Osaka accent is another fun ^_^

NHT rating: Rating

1. aozora-sentai Shimoranger (Nogami Yukana) 4:05
[The Blue-Sky Battalion Shimoranger]
LYC: Tsukimura Ryouei MSC: Horii Katsumi ARG: Yamanaka Norimasa
2. saraba, aozora-sentai Shimoranger 6:33
[Farewell, The Blue-Sky Battalion Shimoranger]
3. aozora-sentai Shimoranger (karaoke) 4:03
[The Blue-Sky Battalion Shimoranger]
MSC: Horii Katsumi ARG: Yamanaka Norimasa

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