Rap The 801!! -Sukiyaki Rap-

CD No: BMG Victor BVCH-8014
Release date: 22 Nov 1995
Price: Y1500
Total length: 20:11 (2 tracks)

I'm not sure how to describe this. It's something between audio drama and a rap song.
Sakura won big in horse racing and the girls decide to have a sukiyaki party (without Isurugi). The song describes the party from the beginning to the end (until Miyuki gets heavily drunk, that is ^_^;;).
It's a fun to listen to but I don't think it's justifies the price.

NHT rating: Rating

1. Rap The 801!! -Sukiyaki Rap- (Hisakawa Aya, Orikasa Ai, Inoue Kikuko & Nogami Yukana) 10:07
LYC: Tsukimura Ryouei MSC: Harada Shinji ARG: Harada Shinji
2. Rap The 801!! -Sukiyaki Rap- (karaoke)
MSC: Harada Shinji ARG: Harada Shinji

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by nonchan