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CD No: BMG Victor BVCH-615
Release date: 16 Dec 1994
Price: Y3000
Total length: 51:28 (29 tracks)

The soundtrack CD for the first OVA series with various versions of the excellent OP and ED songs. I particularly like the OP songs by Mayaka. On the other hand, other music pieces are a little tame. They did not go beyond 'ordinary soundtrack for OVA'. The last two tracks contains real sound of T-4 Training Fighter.

NHT rating: 3 donburi

1. niji ni naritai (full version) (Mayaka) 3:59
[I Want To Be A Rainbow]
2. 801TTS no teema 0:34
[Theme of 801TTS]
3. onboro taisha 0:51
[Shabby Billet]
4. katokutai 801 0:33
[Special Scientific Team 801]
'katokutai' is the shorthand for 'kagaku tokusoutai', which was the team battling against monsters in Ultraman.
5. kouishitsu rapusodii 0:58
[Rhapsody In The Changing Room]
6. daikaijuu Pyogora 2:22
[Pyogora, The Great Monster]
7. yume, futatabi -Haneda no teema 1:07
[Dream, Again -Haneda's Theme]
8. Take Off! 2:44
9. Emergency 1:38
10. mezase! Blue Impulse 1:14
[Aim To Be Blue Impulse]
11. Scramble! 1:43
12. ukiuki Morning 1:31
[Exciting Morning]
13. harukaze ni fukarete 1:12
[Blown By The Spring Wind]
14. Weekend Of 801TTS 1:32
15. seijaku no gogo 1:34
[Tranquil Afternoon]
16. hakyoku eno Dog Fight 2:40
[Dog Fight For Catastrophe]
17. tasogare no Runway 0:55
[Runway In Dusk]
18. isurugi no teema 1:13
[Isurugi's Theme]
19. yureru omoi -Mitaka no teema 2:10
[Unsettled Feelings -Mitaka's Theme]
20. kaisou 1:56
21. shoushin no Mitaka 1:20
[Mitaka Heartbroken]
22. Blue Sky Dream 2:23
23. Blue Sky Dream #2 1:29
24. taiyou ga atatameta kimochi (full version) (Hisakawa Aya & Orikasa Ai) 4:15
[The Sun Warms My Heart]
25. niji ni naritai (radio version) (Mayaka) 1:14
[I Want To Be A Rainbow]
26. taiyou ga atatameta kimochi (video version) (Hisakawa Aya & Orikasa Ai) 1:44
[The Sun Warms My Heart]
27. taiyou ga atatameta kimochi (original karaoke) 4:16
[The Sun Warms My Heart]
28. omake #1 T-4 Idling 1:11
[Extra #1 T-4 Idling]
29. omake #2 T-4 Fly-past 1:10
[Extra #2 T-4 Fly-past]

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