Fuchuu Shigure

CD No: BMG Victor BVDR-1079
Release date: 24 Jan 1996
Price: Y971
Total length: 11:08 (3 tracks)

This is a CD single for the ED theme song of the extra OVA "Girls Squadron in the Snow Country". The music is in enka form but the lyrics is a joke, making fun of Sakura's life ^_^;;
Fuchuu is a city in western Tokyo and the location of the Tokyo Race Course. It is probably the biggest horse racing course in Japan and hosts many big races, including Japan Derby and Emperor's Cup.
The second song is a version where Shimizu Toshimitsu, the original manga author, sings the male part. In both songs Tsukimura Ryouei shows his talent.

NHT rating: Rating

1. Fuchuu shigure (Inoue Kikuko) 3:49
[Autumn Rain at Fuchuu]
LYC: Tsukimura Ryouei MSC: Ootanai Akihiro ARG: Yamanaka Norimasa
2. karaoke no koibito ~gensakush ran'nyuu version~ (Inoue Kikuko & Shimizu Toshimitsu) 3:32
[Lovers of Karaoke ~Version invaded by the Original Author~]
LYC: Tsukimura Ryouei MSC: Ootani Akihiro ARG: Iwamoto Masaki
3. Fuchuu shigure (karaoke) 3:46
[Autumn Rain at Fuchuu]
MSC: Ootani Akihiro ARG: Yamanaka Norimasa

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