Ten no Maki [Chapter of Heaven]

CD No: Star Child KICA-23
Release date: 5 Sep 1990
Price: Y3000
Total length: 57:11 (9 tracks)

The first of the three drama CDs released before OVA series. The four drama tracks are kind introduction to 3x3 Eyes. Track 4 is about the attack on Natsuko by a daemon and Track 6 describes the relationship between Pai and Benares and her decision to leave Yakumo to fight alone.

NHT rating: 3 donburi

1. dai-ichi-gakushou: kigan meikyuu 7:27
[The First Movement: Labyrinth of Demon Eyes]
2. Stage 1: Prologue 3:22
3. 3x3 Eyes (Takada Band) 3:55
4. Stage 2: unmei no megami 12:49
[Stage 2: Goddess of Fate]
5. dai-ni-gakushou: meisou 10:35
[The Second Movement: Wandering]
6. Stage 3: Benares 8:14
7. dai-san-gakushou: seinaru chikara 5:36
[The Third Movement: Sacred Power]
8. harukanaru houyou -Embracer- (Takada Band) 3:43
[Distant Embrace -Embracer-]
9. Stage 4: doko e 1:17
[Stage 4: To Where...]

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